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Who We Are And What Can We do?

At CEMECO, Innovation is our cornerstone. Our track record for innovation dates back to 2008 when we first introduced quick setting binders to the market without using any Portland cement. Today, we are recognized as premier provider for innovative solutions in building materials industry. A member of Indian Green Building council, CEMECO is at the forefront of sustainability and green building.

Quick Setting

The presence of high quality ingredients and time tested theories makes the product consume a lot less time then oridinary building materials.

High strength

The high early strength quality of our building materials always made us win the race by providing high early and durable strength to various super structures.


Whole world is majorly facing global warming crisis and producing Eco-friendly products is a duty of all, we give our best to prove the same.

We strive to be the best and produce high quality products.

To win the race was never the goal but satisfying each and every consumer with our high quality services at reasonable fares always made us stand at the front in the line.


Our Products

Natural Cemeco Pvt. Ltd.

The Quick Setting and High Early Compressive Strength, No Priming, Resistance to Sulpahtes, Chlorides and chemicals; and Rapid return to work are the essential features of this product.


Fast Setting and High Early Strength with non shrinking and Superior Bonding makes the best quality by constituent for construction of road and other industrial floors.


A lot less consumption of time in equipment installation, with features like No priming & No Curing features with 100% waterproof endproduct makes this product important.


The essential features of this product are High Self Levelling property, Highly Water Impermeabilty, can withstand High Temperature and No-Priming & No Curing.


The essential features of this product are Quick setting, No-Curing & No-Priming, Prevent further crack preventation, and it doesn't contain any Cement or Resin.


The product is Ideally suited for Roofs and Bathrooms,the key features of this product are mold & mildew resistance, Eco-friendly nature, high impermeability and many more.


Easy Application with reduced shrinkage and cracking properties accompanied by reduced wall puty, reduced rebound loss, and increased bong strength makes this product a powerful admixture.


The essential features of this product are Quick Setting, Superior Sulphate and Chloride Resistance, Increased impermeability to water, low temperature settlement with quick setting and many more.


The essential features of this product are Quick setting, No Shrinkage, High Early Strength, Walkable in 3 hrs, flooring can be done in just 24 hours, superior bond with concrete and many more.

Why You Can Choose Us?

Why you can choose us? A question every production company must answer, At cemeco we believe that everyone deserves a better alternative for the oridinary building materials, we believe that with every new technological advancement we are getting better solutions for the problems we are facing today.

Identifying Problem Source

We find the solutions for the problems oridinary building materials are not solving, we give our and best, with result oriented and time tested theories for finding more beneficial alternatives.

Consumer satisfaction

Consumer satisfaction has been our primary goal from the begining, because we believe that, Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.

Highly Skilled Operators

We beleive that having highly skilled and dedicated employees always help an organisation to work more efficiently to provide great results and solutions to every new problem consumer is facing.

Prime Features

Easy Application

If the application is Easy, applicator may achieves maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense, cemeco proves it.

High Early Strength

Time is extremely imoportant assest for major super structure projects and cemeco products have the quiickest strength gaining qualities.

Quick Setting

The quick setting feature of our products, makes our product the first choice for many Civil Engineers and Architecture around India.

Long Lasting

The high quality ingredients and immense laboratory tests finally makes our product give really long service life.

Water Proof

Water penetration is one of the major problems for many super structures to collapse, cemeco products are the solution now.

High Heat Resistance

The floors of many industrial areas need a high heat resistance flooring to provide highly efficient service life.

No Curing

Wasting too much of natural resources for building a temprory comfort is not logical at all, let's save natural resources with cemeco Eco-friendly building materials.

No Priming

The cost cutting benefit with smoothly finished walls makes the task of wall construction a lot easier and more efficient.

High Quality Ingredients

To provide a great end product, one must have high quality ingredients, and this thing helps us to provide ultimate service to our consumers.

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